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By: Pauleen James

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Using a Metal Gun Briefcase to Protect Your Weapon

Many households in the United States own guns at home. Gun is a dangerous weapon so it must be kept away from the children. Children are innocent and not mature enough to be responsible for their lives. As the guardian of the children, you have a responsibility to store the gun in a safe place. Many homeowners store their gun in the metal cabinet. Though it is safe to store the gun in the metal cabinet, the metal cabinet is expensive. The metal cabinet is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the metal briefcase. If you want to save money, it is recommended that you use the metal briefcase to store the gun. The metal laptop cases are secure enough to protect the gun from the thieves. Some of the safety features of the metal briefcase include three digit combination lock, dual latch system and dual key lock.

The digit combination lock is a very secure lock. It cannot be easily hacked by the thieves. The thief will have no patience for guessing the password. He will probably aim on briefcases that are easier to steal. The fabric gun briefcase is usually the target of the thieves. A gun can cost a few thousands dollars so you must do your best to protect it. If possible, you should not save money and buy the fabric briefcase. Investing in a metal briefcase ensures that your gun will be safe from the thieves all the time.

If the metal laptop carrying cases are not equipped with digit combination lock, it will surely be equipped with a key lock. The key lock is a standard round key lock that is installed in the briefcase. You have to use a key to unlock the key lock when you want to have access to the gun. The key lock is easier to hack compare to the digit combination lock. The dual latch system is an added security for the metal briefcase.

When you are shopping for the metal gun case, make sure that you check the quality. The interior of the briefcase must be lined with padding. The padding must be thick interlocking foam. You can use your hand to press the foam to see if it is thick. The PSI rating of the foam will tell you if it is thick and firm. When you shop online, you will be able to find out the PSI rating of the foam padding on the product description page. Besides, you should check the hinges. The hinges must be installed on the briefcase properly. The hinges should not make any noise when you are opening the briefcase.

If you find that it is difficult to find a suitable briefcase, you can buy it from the online store. Online shoppers have more choices because every manufacturer upload their product catalogue on their stores. You can find metal briefcase of any color and design when you shop online. The local department store often have limited selection as they are not specialized in selling aluminum briefcases.

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Metal Gun Briefcase for Professional Hunters

Nowadays, professional hunters use the metal men's briefcases to transport their rifles. The metal briefcase is the preferred choice of the hunters because of its strong construction. The construction of the metal briefcase is strong so it cannot be affected by the impacts. The briefcase is designed to endure the impacts that are faced in your daily life. When you travel to the forest, your briefcase will be exposed to all kinds of impacts. There is a possibility that you will knock your briefcase against the bushes and trees. You may also collide with someone and drop the briefcase on the floor. Therefore, it is important that you buy a briefcase that is strong enough to endure all these impacts. The metal briefcase not only can endure the hard impacts but it also can endure water and bad weather. Your rifle will be safe and secure from the water if you carry it in the metal briefcase.

The metal women's briefcase offers a higher durability compare to the fabric and plastic briefcase. The fabric and plastic briefcase cannot endure hard impacts. Though the fabric material will not get torn upon receiving an impact, the rifle will become broken and get damaged. The fabric gun briefcase does not have sufficient padding for offering the full protection for the gun. This is why fabric briefcase is always cheap. Fabric briefcase can easily absorbs water and cause your gun to be damaged. The plastic briefcase looks very similar to the aluminum briefcase. However, the plastic briefcase is not secure because the plastic frame can get cracked. The plastic frame will get cracked when exposed to a heavy impact. If you accidentally drop the plastic briefcase, there is a possibility that the latch will unlock by itself and the gun fall out. The plastic briefcase is fragile and is made to endure heavier bumps than the fabric briefcase. When coming to hard bumps, the plastic briefcase is not strong enough to endure it.

If you want a secure briefcase to protect your gun, you should use the metal briefcase. The metal cosmetics case is lined with a thick interlocking foam in the interior. The interlocking foam can hold the gun in place and prevent it from sliding to one side when you are moving. The interlocking foam helps to absorb 50 – 60% of the impacts so that the gun won’t get damaged easily. Without the interlocking foam, the gun will be subjected to the impact directly. When the gun is subjected to the impact directly, it will become damage faster. The firmness of the EVA interlocking foam can be gauged by referring to the PSI compression rating. Normally, the product label will list the PSI compression rating. If you couldn’t find the PSI compression rating description, you can ask the salesman.

You should always buy branded aluminum gun briefcase. Branded products are always higher quality compare to products that are made by anonymous manufacturer. If you compare branded and unbranded product, you will notice that there is a big difference in the quality. If you buy the unbranded briefcase, you will probably not the get the quality you are expecting.


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